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Period Poverty Awareness Week

Help us bring awareness towards the fight to end Period Poverty AND help us Fill the Cove with 50,000 period supply items.

In some communities, it’s hard to get basic need items like groceries and clothing, and even harder to get hygiene items such as period products, which are essential to our menstrual health. That is why St. Louis Area Diaper Bank will be participating in Period Poverty Awareness Week (PPAW) May 22-26, 2023, and ending the week with our 2nd annual Fill the Cove fundraising event.

Join us as we work to end period poverty in our community by hosting a supply drive or raising dollars. By hosting a drive or fundraiser, you are helping to ensure a sufficient supply of period supplies are available and that awareness is being raised. The effects of raising awareness in your community will hopefully lead to more change!

You can also give directly to the cause by donating dollars and purchasing supplies from our Wish List.

get period supplies

Period Poverty Awareness Week

What is Period Poverty Awareness Week?
No student or adult should have to miss work or school, no individual should have to substitute a sock or tissue for a pad, and no person should have to miss out on daily life because they are unable to afford the supplies they need. That is why the Alliance for Period Supplies created Period Poverty Awareness Week (PPAW) to educate on the issue of period poverty and the impact period poverty has on menstruators.

How is St. Louis Area Diaper Bank Making a Difference?
Through our period supply program, we are working in partnership with local schools, healthcare agencies, libraries, shelters, pantries, and community organizations, to distribute thousands of period supplies to low-income menstruators throughout the St. Louis Metro area. Through a collaboration with the Alliance for Period Supplies, we are engaged in training, outreach, and advocacy work to educate and engage communities about the policies and key decisions affecting menstrual equity and period poverty.

How to Get Involved
We encourage everyone to join the Alliance for Period Supplies’ PPAW movement by helping us #endperiodpoverty — start a conversation about period poverty, host a period supply drivedonate dollars, or do one of many other activities we will promote during PPAW. The more awareness activities you participate in this month, the more opportunities you’ll have to help us #endperiodpoverty!

What is Fill the Cove?
If you’re familiar with us, St. Louis Area Diaper Bank, then you are familiar with our diaper fundraising event:  Fill the Warehouse. Our Period Cove needed a little attention as well and we decided to add to our fundraising initiatives and get the community involved again with our period program. We invite families, neighborhoods, places of worship, schools, friends, and other businesses to join us in filling the shelves and reaching our goal of 50,000 period supplies.

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Fill the Cove Drive Registration
Join us in the fight to end period poverty in our community. After a week of advocating, educating and fighting for access to these basic necessities; we end the week with our Fill the Cove fundraiser and stocking our shelves with 50,000 period supplies